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Samuel J. Green Charter School

Why Green?

At Green we believe in the power of community. Our enrichment activities include Prime Time Reading, visual arts, dance, yoga, karate, band, an entrepreneurs club, flag football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, softball, and baseball. 

College prep from day one. Green participates in FirstLine's Personalized Learning Program which supports computer-assisted curriculum. Green is also part of the Striving Readers Comprehension Literacy Initiative, which is improving literacy through a variety of programs and community partners in the school day at home. 

As Edible Schoolyard New Orleans' flagship campus, all students at Green participate in gardening and culinary classes. 

Samuel J. Green is a 2013 Top Gains School!



Parents talk about why their child is at Samuel J. Green Charter School. 

This video is possible thanks to NOVAC's Virtuous Video project.