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Samuel J. Green Charter School

A Note from the School Director

August 2013
Dear Green Families,

Welcome back to the 2013-14 school year! We especially want to welcome our new families and thank our returning families for your continued partnership with us! The entire Green Team is excited to get back to work toward our mission to prepare 100% of our students for college, careers, and a successful life.

For the eighth straight year, Green Charter has made academic gains and remains one of the top schools in the city. Though we are very proud that together with our team, parents and scholars, our hard work has paid off, we know there is still lots of work to be done. The following goals highlight some of that work: every scholar leave kindergarten reading at or above grade lele, all students score basic or above on benchmark testing, and rigourous classrooms that are engaging for our students. Some new initiatives that will help us reach our goals are two new computer labs, additional reading support, teachers and materials, and every 8th grader receiving his or her own laptop to use in class.

Another part of our work at Green Charter is to develop the whole child by setting high expectations for student behavior so that teachers and students can focus on academic achievement. We do this through the teaching and embedding of our school values. New this year is the unifying of our school values. The entire school will now use the RISE values. They are: Respect, Integrity, Self-determination, & Engagement. Each Charter Way value is represented in one of our RISE values. Developing this set of values will help students do well in any setting.

I hope this gets you as excited as we are about the new year and gives you a glimpse of the fun ahead of us! Our after school enrichment program will continue to provide a variety of activities and The Edible Schoolyard NOLA will continue to provide unique, healthy experiences. Additionally, each grade level has experiences planned for students that will allow them to explore the world around them.
Families, this Parent Handbook is a general guide to help you understand how Green Charter operates. It will answer many of your specific questions and, when it doesn’t, please do not hesitate to call us or stop by for help. We are looking forward to another great year as your partner in the education of our scholars!

Respectfully yours,

Ava Lee
School Director, Samuel J. Green Charter School


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