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Samuel J. Green Charter School


FirstLine Schools Now Enrolling!

January 16 2013 to March 15 2013

Location: FirstLine Schools

All FirstLine Schools are now enrolling via the RSD One App!

FirstLine Schools are now enrolling, via the RSD OneApp.  All FirstLine schools are RSD open-enrollment public charter schools, and participate in the OneApp process.  The deadline for turning in OneApps is March 15, 2013.  Already a FirstLine student?  Be sure to turn in your OneApp as your "Intent to Remain" in order to keep your students' seats at their current school.  Looking to become a FirstLine Family?  Rank the FirstLine Schools highest on the OneApp!


For more information about applying to a FirstLine School, click here.

For the RSD's web site on enrollment, EnrollNola, click here. to the full calendar


Parents talk about why their child is at Samuel J. Green Charter School. 

This video is possible thanks to NOVAC's Virtuous Video project.