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Samuel J. Green Charter School


FirstLine Schools Now Enrolling!

January 16 2013 to March 15 2013

Location: FirstLine Schools

All FirstLine Schools are now enrolling via the RSD One App!

FirstLine Schools are now enrolling, via the RSD OneApp.  All FirstLine schools are RSD open-enrollment public charter schools, and participate in the OneApp process.  The deadline for turning in OneApps is March 15, 2013.  Already a FirstLine student?  Be sure to turn in your OneApp as your "Intent to Remain" in order to keep your students' seats at their current school.  Looking to become a FirstLine Family?  Rank the FirstLine Schools highest on the OneApp!


For more information about applying to a FirstLine School, click here.

For the RSD's web site on enrollment, EnrollNola, click here.

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