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Samuel J. Green Charter School

A Note from the School Director

July 2015

Dear Green Families,


Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year! As I begin my seventh year as your school director, I spent time

reflecting on all that we have accomplished together over the last six years and all that has been accomplished

since Hurricane Katrina. In the last ten years Green has gone from one of the lowest performing middle

schools in the state to a high performing K-8 school in New Orleans. In the past six years we have continued

to improve the academic achievement of our students with steady growth.

One of our strategies was the implementation of FirstLine’s Personalized Learning Program, which brings

more individualized learning opportunities to students through integrated computer-assisted and small group

instruction. Along with our academic gains, our school culture has transformed to a calm and orderly school

where guests say you feel the warmth and caring when you enter the front door! We did all this while staying

true to our goal to develop the whole child. We accomplished this in part by providing a variety of enrichment

classes during the school day and in our afterschool enrichment program. Through this program we have

developed a championship sports program and delivered on your request to return the marching band and

dance team to Green. Our marching team participated in several Mardi Gras parades this year looking as

sharp as ever. We ended the year with our 8th grade celebration ceremony saying an emotional goodbye to

our first kindergarten class to attend Green after Hurricane Katrina.

As you can see, we have a lot to celebrate and be thankful for as a Green Family! In addition to the academic

and culture victories, our neighbors showed their appreciation for our presence in the community by fighting

to keep Green off the land bank list. As a result, rather than being closed down we received over three million

dollars in refurbishment funding. The school is now undergoing a major refurbishment that will be completed

this fall.

I am so happy and proud of the work that we have done together so far and look forward to the work ahead.

We are pleased with our accomplishments, but we are not satisfied. We will not be satisfied until we fulfill our

mission to prepare 100% of our students for college, careers and successful lives!

Yours in service,

Ava Lee

School Director, Samuel J. Green Charter School


Parents talk about why their child is at Samuel J. Green Charter School. 

This video is possible thanks to NOVAC's Virtuous Video project.

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